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Your community will become healthier when you, as a leader, practice values such as trust, compassion, community and respect wherever you have been called to serve...

Communities of Practice

We partner with communities around the globe in order to foster a more just society. One where people are growing , becoming healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, and more likely to serve others.

Servant Leadership Programs

We collaborate with your business or non-profit to develop a clear, practical method of application for the principles of servant leadership to be lived out in the marketplace for healthier work environments.

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The mission of CFS is to foster individual and collective leadership development within a community setting that increasingly sees itself as the builder of a better (more loving and more just) society in that place.


We partner with communities around the globe to create a more just society…one where people are healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous and more likely to serve others.


At CFS, we work alongside your organization as you seek individual leadership development and healthy work environments. We help your organization build the connection between faith and work while uncovering practical applications for the principles of servant leadership to be lived out in the marketplace.


Stay up-to-date with the stories and events both local and global that will impact you. The Center for Sharing endeavors to use this blog and other social media tools to stay connected with you and our communities of practice, friends and those with a passion for Servant Leadership. Check back regularly for updates to our blog and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and like us on Facebook for automated communication.

  • blessed
    Blessed to Be a Blessing

    It’s that time of year! The time when we as a nation reflect on what we have been blessed with. In a era where the world is in chaos, we have been so privileged to live in a nation where much of our basic needs can be......

  • kids
    CSLP Philippines

    In 2007 and 2008 CFS conducted intensive SL courses for Mindoro Bible College on Mindoro Island. As a result of the impact, they amazingly decided to change their name, their methodology, and shifted the goal of their mission. Some of the changes included: 1) shifting......

  • Lizbeth Mendoza
    Opportunity: Lizbeth Mendoza

    When Lizbeth Mendoza moved into Tierra Vida (one of the center for sharing’s sister organizations), she had no idea what kind of an impact the community would play on her future. Lizbeth and her family experienced some demanding times after her father was diagnosed with......

Stay Connected with the CFS

Our monthly newsletter shares the stories of communities, organizations and people associated with the Center for Sharing, who are practically applying Servant Leadership principles in their setting.

The Work

More Loving. More Just.

We collaborate with your organization and communities to foster individual leadership development within a system that increasingly sees yourself as the builders of a more loving and just society. These communities and organizations become healthier as leaders invest in values such as trust, compassion, service, community, and respect. No matter where you have been called to serve and lead, Center for Sharing seeks effectual collaboration resulting in servant leadership that makes a difference.

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