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The Center for Sharing is a hospitality and training institute, where the teaching of Servant Leadership, Trauma Informed Care, and an empowered worldview are carried out through 3 primary initiatives: Servant Leadership Institute, Collegium, and the PAC Initiative.


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What We Teach

The Center for Sharing is a community of practice: as such we aspire to be servant led, trauma informed, compassion based. We are members of Partners in Authentic Community (PAC) an association which includes other place-based, servant-led communities of practice who seek to share their lives together while doing work they share, in service of nurturing a more loving and just society in that place.

How We Practice

We seek to practically develop servant leaders through practicing the principles of hospitality with all who enter our space: 1) we welcome strangers 2) we evoke their gifts 3) we look for ways to put those gifts to work in service of the common good. Over time people trend in the direction of becoming healthier, wiser, freer, more able to take care of themselves, more likely to serve others as they have been served, whether as casual guests, or work-study employees in the Collegium Café.

How others are practicing

Drawing from our lived experiences in community over the past 30 years, we recognize the power of institutions to create safe spaces for people to connect and grow. As such, CFS helped birth a network of servant led organizations who continue to practice in specific places and learn from one another.


Our bi-monthly newsletter shares the stories of individuals and communities practicing Servant Leadership as a way of life often resulting in restoration and reconciliation.

Center for Sharing BLOG

The Center for Sharing endeavors to use this blog and other social media tools to stay connected with you. Check back regularly for updates to our blog and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below and like us on Facebook for additional communication.


    In American culture, how things appear is often taken as the truth. But reality goes deeper than appearance. Ralph and I went out on our deck that looks out over the orchard one night. When we looked down from our second story porch, we saw......


    Jean Vanier passed away May 7. In 1963 this learned man, who had held high positions in government, visited a French mental- health hospital, where people with disabilities were being ignored and isolated.  He quit his job, bought a house, and invited two men with......


    On Thursday last week we had surprise visitors at the Collegium. All of a sudden there appeared to be a lot of activity in the Café area. A closer look helped me recognize that Don Havry was a part of this group. Don Havry is......

The Work

More Loving. More Just.

We work with individuals to foster healing and leadership development that increasingly allows them to see themselves as the builders of a more loving and just society wherever they live and work.

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Stay Connected

Our newsletters share the stories of people and communities associated with the Center for Sharing, who are practically applying Servant Leadership principles in their settings.