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Join the Y12 Campaign!

Join the Y12 Campaign!


Girls have the power to change the future. If they can negotiate a few critical obstacles facing them in countries around the world, they will. By the age of 12, many have finished their primary education. Without safe and realistic options to continue their studies, they commonly face early marriage, limited employment, and a continued cycle of poverty. We think they deserve better choices.

The Center for Sharing is starting the Y12 Campaign and inviting you to ask some important questions with us.
• Why do some 12 year old girls have a very narrow range of choices for their life’s purpose?
• How can educating 12 year old girls make a difference?
• Where are the closest 12 year old girls in these circumstances?
• What happens if a girl can’t keep studying after 12?
• Why should I get involved in 2012?

Our goal is to get people asking—to ask, Why by age 12 is this too common?

But first, we need your help to create a logo for this campaign by having a Y12 Design Contest! When you submit a winning design, you’ll not only win a super cash prize of $100 but also recognition of your contribution on our website, social media, and partner member sites as well! Even if your submission isn’t chosen for the T-Shirt, we’re going to be creating 12 cards and a poster for the campaign, so your logo submission won’t be in vain!

Designs will be judged and the winning design selected by June 15th — judged by a combination of our Facebook Page fans and ultimately decided by our team of Y12 insiders. You can help us further by sending your friends to our Facebook page and weighing in on your design!
For a complete list of criteria, take 3 simple steps:
1. join us on Facebook at
2. Watch the video at, and
3. Write to today!

Deadline is June 15 so don’t delay!

We hope you join our y12campaign! The official contest rules are available here: