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A couple of days ago two young men walked into the Collegium Café. Shortly after, they ordered some breakfast that included burritos and coffee. They introduced themselves as brothers named Yuya and Sen. Yuya presently lives in Japan and is into Video Advertising. Sen is a singer and musician by profession. They asked Rachel (café manager) if they could film themselves having their breakfast. They told Rachel that they were on a cross country trip from Portland to Massachusetts. They said that they felt very welcomed at the Collegium… that things felt different here.  Rachel then briefed them about the Center for Sharing and the work readiness program that we operate through the Collegium Café. She also told them about how what started as one man’s day dream to help impoverished kids in India years ago, has in turn birthed several other place based communities born to serve and empower vulnerable people groups, such as trauma impacted teens, girls who want to stay in school, those looking for affordable housing in safe communities, those seeking jobs, or opportunities for furthering their education in pursuit of their own dreams.

Both the brothers seemed to be intrigued by what they heard. They asked Rachel how she came here. Rachel then briefly told them how she quite unexpectedly landed up a job here with the Collegium Café last year and migrated to the City of Pasco along with her husband.

Both the brothers said that they felt fortunate to have stopped at the Center for Sharing. They stated that they felt enlightened to hear about the work that is being done here. They also expressed a desire to come back to the Collegium very soon. Rachel told them that they were welcome anytime and requested Sen who will be having his first concert in August in Japan, to play the saxophone for her before leaving! Sen told her that he was humbled and said that it was probably the best place to play music. After playing the Saxophone for a little while he asked Rachel if he could continue playing.  A beautiful encounter!

This truly wonderful experience that we had with Yuya and Sen is something that symbolizes our values at the Center for Sharing. We are here to build a flourishing community that welcomes everyone and believes in calling forth the gifts of people that they may use to help their brothers and sisters as they live a life of purpose that is fostering change in the true sense.