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Probing a new location

20 Sep Probing a new location

By 1998, CFS trustees began to sense that CFS should consider moving to a needier region. A branch office was opened in Pasco in order to explore a possible presence in the Tri-Cities area.

When we finally did move to Pasco, there remained only two employees: Glenn Cross and Cheryl Broetje. We continued to offer SLS courses, but this time, we had only a small office space. In addition, we had come to believe that servant leaders try to share power in ways that are de-centralized so as to make room for more leaders to emerge within communities that share leadership.

That meant that CFS became a “ go to” program rather than a “come to” program. We began to hold SLS courses off-site, in other people’s communities, churches, companies, increasingly with people who worked/lived there. What they experienced during SLS was meant to be lived in their place with their people. Richard Smith says: “Servant leadership turns leadership into a territory, a field of action in which various people can operate depending upon their individual abilities and capacities to serve the mission of the enterprise and the people who make it all happen.”

One of our guiding scriptures comes from Mark 3: 13-15:

Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to him those he wanted, and they came to him. He appointed twelve, designating them apostles-that they might 1) be with him, and that he might 2) send them out to preach and have authority to drive out demons.  This speaks about the ‘inward-outward’ journey of faith Jesus calls us to as servant leaders.

One of our favorite sayings also provides light and inspiration even today:

“Servant leaders are in the place they belong

with people they love

doing work that is theirs

 on purpose.”