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Blessed to Be a Blessing

21 Nov Blessed to Be a Blessing

It’s that time of year! The time when we as a nation reflect on what we have been blessed with. In an era where the world is in chaos, we have been so privileged to live in a nation where much of our basic needs can be obtained conveniently. There is much to be celebrated, and much to be thankful for. However for some, that is not the case. We at the Center for Sharing work to build communities where people can heal, and advocate for those people, who might be limited to obtaining their divine calling due to their situations and or hardships. This year we held our first annual Blessed to be a Blessing event, as an effort to raise awareness of what the Center for Sharing does, as well as to raise funds needed to help support these communities of practice locally and around the world.

We had the privilege and honor of having Rick Griffin come and speak as our keynote for the event. Rick is the Director for the Jubilee Academy of Leadership, which is a boarding school that helps at-risk and struggling teens to achieve a life of health, happiness and success. As a christian, trauma-informed program, Jubilee Leadership Academy draws our teachings from faith-based principles to instill a foundation of self-respect, leadership and a sense of community in each student.

During our Event, Rick spoke directly on the issues of facing adversity, how to deal with pain and suffering, and also on discovering where your ministry is.

If you would like to learn more about Jubilee or Rick, here is a link to their website where you can get in contact.

Jubilee Academy

Our Second Speaker Was for our event was Cheryl Broetje. Cheryl is the Director and founder of the Center for Sharing, and also is the owner of First Fruits, Broetje Orchards. Cheryl shared some stories, including one of her first trip down to mexico,  to help understand where her heart came from and what lead her to start the movement we are all in someway connected to today.

CBroetjeBirthed out of interest towards source of the migrant workers she began to encounter, the question rose to why they were leaving to come work on their farm. Cheryl and her Husband Ralph began to wonder what was it that was causing this influx of people to come with some of the trauma they had.  She shared her heart wrenching and supernatural experience with a blind, deaf, and mute girl she encountered in her travels through the streets of Oaxaca, Where God reminded her of Matthew 25, where in this moment that Girl was Jesus.


The Third and Final speaker of the night was Joseph Vidot. He works for the Center for Sharing, more specifically with content development, however he has pilgramed our Youth Work Readiness program in partnership with the Collegium Cafe. He shared his vision and heart for the community of Tierra Vida.

Joseph also shared about JVidethis recent decision to move into the community, and to leave his previous Job as a worship director at a local church. During this time, he also described how God gives us passions desires, and dreams in order to give us a glimps into his divine purpose for our individual lives.




The event numbers are still being totalled, but our estimate on the money raised is approximately $25,000 raised so far.


We thank all the partners who sponsored tables as well as the donations to help make the event happen!

We look forward to next years Blessed to be a Blessing event