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Trip of Perspective to Uganda

July 16-24, 2015 Those Travelling: Jermaine Broetje, Suzanne Broetje, Cheryl Broetje Purpose of Trip: to Learn more about children of war, especially child soldiers Wilberforce Onyango administrates for ALARM, an NGO working in Uganda. He was #6 of 14 children his mother was left with by a polygamist...

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Kenya Trip September 2015

Visit to SLEC, Kenya August 28-September 6, 2015 Traveling; Glenn Cross and Cheryl Broetje Notes by: Cheryl Broetje Purpose of Trip: To Visit SLEC, (a Servant Leadership Environmental Conservation organization CFS assisted in birthing as a result of the SL courses we taught in Kenya) and help evaluate where...

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What would a community look like if it was built on the foundation of service to one another? That was the mindset behind Tierra Vida, a community birthed out of this vision. Since its creation almost 10 years ago, the development has grown into a flourishing community. Many of it’s first children are now young adults and high school students. A large percentage of kids in east Pasco are ones who have been marginalized, or fall under the poverty line. However, those that have grown up within Tierra Vida have had the unique opportunity to have people speaking love, respect, and service into their lives at home. One of these Students is Jose Claro.
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How to Heal a Broken Heart

By Luke Hallowell It was compassion week, and I found myself struggling to teach students to be compassionate. It’s one thing to know what compassion means; it’s another to actually display it to others. In one of our morning sessions, Adriana, a new staff member who just...

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Servant Leaders in Kenya

CFS has been offering SL courses through MCK since 2005. Having trained some 20% of their pastors now, we felt this was the right time to hold some regional meetings in order to gather information about the impact of SL on them, and in what...

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