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The Center for Sharing – A Life Changing Experience

20 Dec The Center for Sharing – A Life Changing Experience

I joined the work study program on the 1st August 2017, and this is my first working experience.  Rachel did not push things on me. She gave me an outline of the drinks and asked me to focus on one drink every day and then we move onto food. I knew the basics of cooking but Rachel and Shaunee cleared any doubts I had.

At the Collegium Café I like making drinks, and I like the people.  It has made me less depressed. Before I came I was in a huge slump due to a bad break up and other challenges. I’m almost over it now. I’m depressed much less often now. Rachel has helped me with advice and I enjoy my conversations with her. The personality course has helped me as well.

One day Rachel asked me if I could help Alondra, who is a senior at school, and was struggling with basic exponents. I had just relearned it that same day at my school. Just a few days back Alondra told me that she passed her test. I felt so happy that I was able to help someone. It has made me more confident of myself that I can also be useful to others and make them happy.

Working here is just a joy. It’s amusing to me when two young girls who come regularly watch me put butter and jam on toast they have ordered. They seem to enjoy the food I prepare, it’s nice to be watched in this way because it almost makes me feel appreciated, even for such a small thing. There is another boy named Victor who is about 16 years old, who regularly orders a ham sandwich from me. He told me that I am his favorite cook.

This has been a life changing experience. I have become more observant and more efficient. Working here is fun too! When my work study program was supposed to end, I was really hoping that the Center for Sharing would extend my time, yet I was almost certain that they would not. I was scared that I would have to leave the Café. I am so happy I got to stay longer and I am enjoying every bit of it.