International Women's Day is a Success | Center For Sharing
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International Women’s Day is a Success

International Women’s Day is a Success

If you missed it, we’d like to give you the opportunity to relive the excitement of International Women’s Day 2013. In the gallery below are photos of the event. Thanks to the generosity of those who attended, the Center for Sharing was able to provide over $6300 to support the education of young women in Oaxaca, Mexico who are part of “El Centro de Compartimiento.”

Special thanks to Mixie McConnell for taking these great photos.

Thanks to all of those who came to support and hear Kristin speak, as well as the following folks who made the event possible:

Special thanks to our event sponsors:

Evelyn Walkley

Fiesta Foods

Thanks to our generous auction donors:

Amy Kuchler

Brittany Marlow


Cheryl Broetje

Christie Blazon

Chuck E Cheese

Clearvision Eye Clinic

Country Mercantile

Darrel and Jan Francis

Evelyn Wakely

Heather Mitchell

In Love with BodyCare

Jay and Rene Ballinger


Kortney Farrell

Kris Troyer

Marty Armstrong

Middleton Organics

Missy Somers

Son Shine Services

Sterling Savings

The Mitchell Family

Theresa Morton

Tire Factory

Tri-City Dust Devils

Vacant Home Caretakers

Yada Salon

Thanks to the people who made this event happen:

Chris DeVilleneuve

Veronica Avila

Heather Mitchell

Sajida Latifi

Marty Armstrong

Gracie Valle Chimal

Ana Ruiz Peralta

Kris and Gary Troyer

Don Hart

Eva Madrigal

Glenn Cross

Cheryl Broetje

Jack Moffett

Brittany Marlow

Jay Ballinger

Theresa Morton

Cecilia Batalla

Walter Chimal

Amy Kuchler

Adriana Hernandez

Daisy Reed