International Women's Day @ the Collegium | Center For Sharing
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International Women’s Day @ the Collegium

16 Mar International Women’s Day @ the Collegium

Here at the Center for Sharing, we like to celebrate things. Since much of the work we do around the world is helping to empower women, we feel passionate about women’s rights and creating a more equal world for women. That’s why we chose to hold the 1st Annual International Women’s Day here at the Collegium. Relive the event on our Facebook page here, along with links to the videos we showed at the event. We were blessed to have a multicultural panel of women including Suzanne Broetje-Bairstow, Mireya Antunez and Lupe Lerma. Each one of these women spoke about their experiences working to help empower women and what needs to happen for us to continue our progress. As a result of the event, over $2500 was raised to help support women from rural communities in Oaxaca, Mexico, who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get a high school education. We hope you get to join us at an event in the near future!

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