Join a Servant Leadership Class

Join a Servant Leadership Course

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can use your passion, talent, work in greater service of God  and society through the marketplace, then a servant leadership course can help. Our introductory course in servant leadership consists of seven two-hour sessions held weekly. The primer we use is Servant As Leader by Robert Greenleaf. We like  to work with relatively small groups of 10-20 people using a format that encourages community building through dialogue and listening, various group exercises and telling the stories of others who are trying to apply the principles of servant leadership through the work they do.

For groups that want to continue on after the first course, our second course is based on Henri Nouwen’s  book: Life of the Beloved. This book uses the four steps that Jesus walked through as he took, blessed, broke and gave the bread of Eucharist to his disciples, to describe our lives in the sense that we too are taken (or chosen), blessed, broken in order to be given as bread for others. As we do this work, we can discover greater purpose, meaning and connection for our lives and others, as part of  the ongoing task of building a more loving and just society.

We offer several other themes for those who want to continue on, which focus on:

  • Dimensions of Call
  • Standing with the poor
  • Personality
  • Building my mission/vision statement