MOTHERS DAY 2018 | Center For Sharing
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18 May MOTHERS DAY 2018

Mother’s Day in the United States is annually held on the second Sunday of May, or May 10 for those who come from Mexico.  It celebrates motherhood and is a time to appreciate mothers and mother figures. Many people give gifts, cards, flowers, candy, and a meal in a restaurant or other treats to their mother. So we decided to treat the little ones with an activity that was meaningful and brings a smile not only to their faces but their mother’s as well.

Last week we had a special table at the Collegium Café that had lots of material which could be used creatively to prepare a special Mother’s day card for mothers. The kids showed a lot of interest and prepared cards for their mothers and grandmothers and made good use of the resources that were available. When I asked a few of them how they felt about the activity they said that it was wonderful since they were getting an opportunity to do something for their mother who have always sacrificed a lot of things to make sure they were happy and content. Some of them told me that with the limited resources they had it would have been difficult to buy something to surprise their mothers with.

It was a pleasing sight to see so many children participate in a meaningful activity to do something for their mothers. The Center for sharing was happy to host this event at the Collegium space and see the kids excited and happy.

In this rapidly changing world where the present generation seems to be programmed to gadgets like the Cell Phones, Tablets, Bluetooth’s and Smart TVs,  it was a pleasing sight for all of us to see the kids put aside their phones and spend a few minutes to think up ways to  express their love and appreciation inside a beautiful card.