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The Center for Sharing believes strongly in Servant-Leadership as a way of life. One that seeks to live out Christ-centered values.

“Any delay in learning…means a delay in serving because the way of serving lies in brokenness and the degree of discipline we are willing to receive. There is no way to enlarge our sphere of service unless we also broaden the scope of our experiencing spiritual learning. We cannot help others learn what we have not learned ourselves.”

Servant Leadership In Action

The Center for Sharing provides a gathering place where persons can work, learn together, share, and encourage one another in the ways of servant leadership and in its application in their homes, places of work, churches, and communities. The pedagogical style which we use is experiential, an on-going interaction between theory, action, and reflection done in the context of small groups.

The Center for Sharing’s Collegium Cafe

Pasco, Washington

The Center for Sharing’s offices are housed in ‘The Collegium’ which was built in 2008 to function as a community center for the Tierra Vida community, while at the same time offering a ‘third place’ where strangers come for many different reasons. Here people can casually meet, get to know each other while over time developing stronger social networks and a deeper sense of community in a cafe setting.


The Collegium Cafe

The Collegium Cafe is not only a cafe, but also serves as a Work Readiness Training Program that places an emphasis on individual skill building and accountability in a supportive environment. The Cafe manager and Center for Sharing staff work with participants in the areas of job training, personal and spiritual development, academic education, and potential job placement. This is an effort to increase self-sufficiency, obtain new job skills, develop resumes, explore career path ideas, and find a new beginning to a life with more meaning and purpose.

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