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Servant Leadership for Your Organization

The Center for Sharing believes strongly in a Servant-Leader as a way of life. One that seeks to live out Christ-centered values.

The Center for Sharing, as a 501c3, works to facilitate the practice of Servant Leadership in collaboration with other like-minded entities. We seek to nurture servant led communities to prepare emerging leaders who will serve among marginalized people groups.

“Any delay in learning…means a delay in serving because the way of serving lies in brokenness and the degree of discipline we are willing to receive. There is no way to enlarge our sphere of service unless we also broaden the scope of our experiencing spiritual learning. We cannot help others learn what we have not learned ourselves.”

Servant Leadership In Action

The Center for Sharing provides a gathering place where persons can study, share, and encourage one another in the ways of servant leadership and in its application in their homes, places of work, churches, and communities. The pedagogical style which we use is experiential, an on-going interaction between theory, action and reflection done in the context of small groups.

Connecting faith to work

The majority of Christians in the U.S say they see no connection between their faith and their work. Unfortunately, less than 3% surveyed say they have ever been intentionally trained for marketplace ministry. At the same time, in surveys taken by the Wall Street Journal, the dissatisfaction rate of U.S employees with their jobs is 80% in the general population, and 50% among Christians. This parallels surveys taken in 29 other countries, with about the same percentage points. This low-spirited approach to life and work results in a loss of meaning, connection and purpose, as well as a decline in productivity and profitability.


The Center For Sharing believes that we can act as a bridge between the Church and the marketplaces of society, by offering individuals and organizations opportunities to learn about and practice traditional spiritual values and characteristics such as trust, integrity, respect for all people, mutuality, service, compassion, community building, awareness, and listening. We attribute much of our capacity to do this work to the fact that we have closely collaborated with Broetje Orchards, a for-profit  apple growing, packing, shipping, marketing company which strives to be a kingdom building business through “bearing fruit, fruit that will last”.


Today, we partner with 7 additional Partners in Authentic Community and network with a growing number of other organizations who feel called to live out their beliefs in the marketplace, for the betterment of society. The marketplace has become a primary opportunity for kingdom building at this time of history, because that is where a majority of individuals spend 60% – 80% of their time. You can join the movement by taking a servant leadership class today!


Some of the for profit organizations where we have helped implement servant leadership include:

Servant Leadership for Your Church or Non-profit

Servant Leadership offers churches and non-profits, opportunities and a process in which individuals and/or organizations can explore what piece they might hold to the building of a better society. Studies show that only 3% of those who want to make a difference with their lives have ever received any training for how to do that specifically within their community. CFS offers work based on an experiential educational curriculum (following an action-reflection-action model) within a small group, community-nurturing setting designed to help individuals and groups discover and/or deepen their gifts, core values, passion and purpose with the goal being to live them out within the context they feel most called to. We believe, that by discovering and tending to your specific piece of the ‘garden’ you are able to offer your best gift to the repair and healing of the world.


Some of the not for profit organizations we currently collaborate with include:

What others say about Servant Leadership Courses:

“Saying that my SL experience has been life changing may sound a bit cliché, however, it is certainly not an exaggeration. Learning to serve taught me that I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was and learning to lead accentuated my brokenness and paved the way to healing.  Although arduous at times, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

-Rick Griffin, Executive Director, Jubilee Youth Ranch

SL changed my life.  It was my very first experience in a community that allowed me to go on a deep inner journey, accepting my areas of brokenness and considering my real God-given calling. It revealed to me the amazing, but often ignored, truth that we are ‘broken to be given.’  As a result of SL I see people differently – imagining the amazing gifts they have to give that flow out of their brokenness and poverty.  I learned that service is very different than charity – it is a communal giving of our lives for each other.

-Dr. Dan Ballast, President,Co-Serve International

There are so many benefits and so much to consider and think about.  I really enjoyed the class and am so thankful for Cheryl’s servant life and willingness to share her wealth of experiences and knowledge.  She is a true gift and such a privilege to take a class from her, she is a talented and dynamic leader.

-Naomi Lule, Firstfruits Marketing of Washington


If you would like to further discuss how your we can collaborate to integrate servant leadership into your organization then let’s talk today!