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Nevresa: From Adversity to Inspiration

Nevresa was born and raised in Srebrenica, Bosnia where her father fought in the Bosnian Civil War. As a child, Nev was exposed to the horrors of war, right in her backyard, which still impacts her today. Her family moved to Kennewick, WA in 1998 with the hope that they might find a better life and education, while most of Bosnia was still in rubble, her home included. Today, she is a single mom and has overcome incredible adversity to not only provide for her daughter but to also complete her Associate of Arts Degree and an Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration in the process. Nevresa came to the Center for Sharing’s work training program through Goodwill, has graduated from that program and is now the Center for Sharing’s Administrative Assistant. Nev not only wants to impact her field but wants to grow to be an inspiring woman in every area of her life. She wants to be a woman who never lacks compassion and encourages her daughter, as well as other women around her, to be the best that they can be. Nevresa now serves as a mentor and plays a vital role in the lives of the individuals involved in our rotating work program as well as in the lives of her co-workers and Center for Sharing community…

Antonio's Story

Antonio's Story

Meet Antonio. He is on the staff at Center for Sharing and also as a homework tutor in the Tierra Vida after-school program. His spirit embodies the philosophy of servant leadership espoused by Center for Sharing.
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  • International Women’s Day

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