Two Little Boys and Their Act of Generosity | Center For Sharing
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Two Little Boys and Their Act of Generosity

05 Jan Two Little Boys and Their Act of Generosity

I walked into the Collegium today and saw Fernando (9) who is in Grade 3 and Alexis (11) who is in Grade 5. I asked them if they were excited about the “Knocker Ball” today. They said they bought their tickets already and had also bought a ticket for their friend Diego. They said their tickets cost $15 each, and they decided to buy a ticket for Diego after he expressed his inability to do so.  They told me that both of them contributed to buy his ticket so they wouldn’t be buying any treats at the Collegium Cafe that day.

I asked them how they could be so generous at such a tender age. They said that they had learned from each other to be generous and share with each other. They also told me that living in the Tierra Vida community and being exposed to the activities at CASA and Center for Sharing has taught them a lot about being respectful and courteous.

I commended both of them and told them that they give me confidence that they will grow up to be good men who contribute to society in a meaningful ways and make a significant impact in the lives of people around them.

It’s just amazing how these little children can change our thinking for the better. Not for once did they expect anything in return. I have only admiration for these boys and for the example they have set.