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Update: Youth Job training program

29 Feb Update: Youth Job training program

During this last fall, we responded to a need in the community of East Pasco of many young men and women wondering the community unemployed, with no drive or purpose. No sense of direction. We responded to this by starting the Evening Cafe Youth Job Training program at the Collegium cafe. During that time, many of the students encountered , possibly even for the first time, some of the challenges and responsibility that come with working. Additionally some of the students encountered issues in areas that may, in the future, cripple their chances at obtaining and maintain a job.

The great news about that,however, is that through the principles of servant leadership, grace, and love, many of the students overcame those obstacles. Some of the stand out workers already have acquired part time jobs while in school thanks to some of the experiences they have gained here at the Collegium Cafe.


Another really exciting thing to mention is that we have had the amazing opportunity to bring another person on staff is well versed in the world of coffee and labor force. Mike Thomas has worked for various different jobs full time since he was 17,his longest being 2 years at Starbucks, and now at the age of 21 has taken his experiences with him here to cafe to contribute to the cause and purpose of the evening training program. Mike has a massive heart for ministry and love towards youth as he is also involved in his church’s youth ministry.

This new class of students brings its own new challenges, but as we refine our process with this program, we are  anxious to see what kind of positive fruit this can continue to yield!